Careers @ RBT

Careers @ RBT

The Better Alternative to Traditional Recruitment 🧨

📖 Our Story

The Problem 🤬

Traditional Recruitment agencies. Traditional recruitment agencies are disliked by hiring managers and job seekers alike. They operate in an old fashioned, slow and often dishonest manner, only caring about the quick money rather than the big picture - placing the right candidate into the right role at the right time.

The Solution 🥳

Our Storytelling Recruitment Process Forget anonymous, cold outreach. We know it takes more than ping-pong tables and coffee machines to attract candidates. We create an employer story - your origin, values, perks, benefits & more - to give candidates the bigger picture of who they’re working for. And guess what? It works pretty damn well.

Our Vision 🌟

We don’t want to just rewrite the recruitment rulebook. We want to change the way the game is played forever.

👍 Our Values

Be the OG

Being original often means doing things differently; it always means taking pride in our own evolution of doing right by our candidates, clients and colleagues.

Get To The Heart of It

We don’t scratch on the surface, we dive right in: getting to know a hiring manager or talent, we go after the key aspects of what will make them happy. As a team we do the same in how we collaborate.

Stick with It

We stick with it. We see it through. Together we always find a way.

Give First

Whether it’s our clients, candidates or internally: we come from a place without ego and we always provide value to you first.

Always Go To School

In any interaction or situation there is always something for us to learn: we seek out the learning in anything and actively take those lessons as input to how we can be better.

Walk Towards the Fire

We step up and we do it together. Our growth is rooted in a belief that opportunities appear on our path for a reason and that is to step up.

Fill The Cup

Our work fills our cups, as opposed to draining them; so we spend our time ensuring our candidates are matched with roles that fill their cup, too, and clients find the hiring process energizing.

🎊 Our Wellness Program

Mental Health

Free access to psychologists and mental health councilors through Spill


Gym membership subsidies and complimentary ClassPass access in the US, EU, and Australia

More to Come...


Free membership to Headspace, the world’s best meditation app

Birthday PTO

An extra day of PTO on your birthday!

🧰 Open Roles

Partnerships Coordinator
AmericaAsia-PacificEurope Middle East and Africa
Partnerships Executive
AmericaAsia-PacificEurope Middle East and Africa
Strategy & Operations
People Operations Payroll Administrator 
Sales Operations Specialist
Talent Scout
AmericaAsia-PacificEurope Middle East and Africa
Talent Advisor (roles in USA and Europe)
AmericaEurope Middle East and Africa
Global Talent Coordinator
Content Writer
Asia-PacificEurope Middle East and Africa