People Operations Payroll Administrator 
People Operations Payroll Administrator 

People Operations Payroll Administrator 

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🚀 How We Started

We were frustrated by recruitment agencies' inconsistent, slow, and - way too often - dishonest, overly expensive approach. Sending irrelevant profiles and hoping for the best. To all agencies out there: “Network” isn't a differentiating factor anymore - start to innovate!!

Three years later, what sets us apart is:

  • Speed through automation (shortlist of three within 7 days, end-to-end of 15 days)
  • Recruiting through storytelling (our secret sauce)
  • Delivering valuable CX and data-driven experiences (it’s about people and relationships)

Our teams in Australia, the US, the UK, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Thailand focus on startup recruitment with our clients being market leaders in their area.


Head Office: Sydney

With people in: Sydney, Colombo, Bangkok, Johannesburg, New York, Phoenix, Dallas, Florida, London, Austin and many more!

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🧐 An Insight On Our Take on Recruitment

🍮 The Proof is in the Pudding

Check out our glowing reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Incredibly dedicated team willing to advocate for you!"


"Beware: Redbeard will get other traditional recruiters run out of candidates"

"[To companies] You owe it to yourself to talk to RedBeard because you don't realise there's an entirely different approach out there" - Jane Oxley, CMO, Smokeball [Read more]

"RedBeard Talent saved us at least £15,000 (USD$20.5k, AUD$28.5k) compared to traditional agencies. And that's a low estimate" - Archie Winesett, SVP Sales, Triptease [Read more]

Why this role? Why now?

This is an exciting opportunity as the first hire in our Operations team. Working directly with our Head of Product and Operations (more on Brendan in a moment), the People Operations Payroll Administrator will be key to delivering great experiences for our team members. From employer branding, recruitment, on-boarding, retention, development, succession planning and off-boarding. You will become a trusted advisor and go-to person on all things HR and operations. You will not only be helping team members set things up on the platforms, but you will also work with them to work around roadblocks within systems, leveraging your own experience in streamlining processes. We help tech start-ups and scale-ups experiencing growing pains to achieve and retain the top talent on the market. Our solutions are customised and 50% faster as a result of automation and storytelling to achieve the most effective outcomes. We believe in helping people and companies build meaningful connections, giving them an opportunity to express themselves and connect effectively.

Who You Are

  • Someone with the ability to operate on their own, problem-solve when problems arise and know when to escalate. You should be excited to build your own processes and know when to escalate and direct queries, especially since you may be privy to confidential matters.
  • A team player - this role will be supported by the Operations team, but key stakeholders will still play an important aspect in the trajectory of RedBeard Talent.
  • You thrive on receiving and giving honest, transparent feedback. On this team, there are no egos; just people working together to make things better.

As the People Ops & Payroll Administrator for RedBeard Talent, you should be detail orientated and passionate about smoothing out admin and processes to help scale this hyper-growth start-up. This is a vital role for RedBeard Talent, since you’ll be a point person in administrative staffing objectives, and help define, build, and scale aspects of a recruitment plan and pipeline.

What You'll Do

  • Be first point of call, assisting with preparing agreements and payroll, processing leave requests, setting up accounts on systems and platforms
  • Ensure the onboarding and training program is executed efficiently
  • Maintain Human Resource records
  • Coordinate equipment and resources for our global team
  • Ensure team members follow official processes and HR policies
  • Actively contribute and drive innovation in building a global company culture
  • Participate as part of the Product and Operations organisation to improve efficiency and effectiveness
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What You'll Bring

  • Experience with being the first point of contact for team members as you will be tasked with setting them up for success with the onboarding process
  • Experience within Human Resources including payroll
  • An eye for detail and a know how for prioritisation of duties
  • Experience in building company branding and creating a pipeline of passive and active talent
  • A desire to make this opportunity your own and be excited about the growth and ownership that comes with this
  • Smooth out the daily administrative tasks to assist the Talent, Culture & Remote Learning Executive
  • Creating a positive culture supporting the psychological safety of our team members
  • Experience organising internal events such as a kick-off party

What's In It For You

  • Flexible working from home (fully remote in the US and Europe. Hybrid in Sydney, we just signed the lease for a cool Warehouse Style office in Surry Hills)
  • Learn more about innovative uses of disruptive technologies and automation
  • An amount of responsibility and ownership that you won’t get anywhere else in the corporate world - if you ever feel “comfortable”, you’re in the wrong place
  • Flexible incentive structure which will be discussed with you on a quarterly basis.
  • Be part of RedBeard’s Wellness program (more initiatives to come):
    • Free access to the best mediation app there is: Headspace
    • Free sessions with counsellors/psychologists too look after your mental wellbeing
    • Free Classpass membership for physical activity
    • You will never have to work on your birthday :) (if it falls onto a weekend, no worries, you will get a day of during the week)
    • Regular virtual and on side team socials - with a big ass company trip planned to Sri Lanka

Meet Brendan - Head of Product & Operations

Hello, hello 👋🏽 I'm Brendan, and I think a lot about the 3 Es: effectiveness, efficiency and execution. Can you tell that I work in product and operations? 😅 I am passionate about empowering specialists 💼 and creatives 🎨 to be able to do what they do so well. How? By getting to the heart 🤔 of their problems and requirements and delivering great solutions! 👷🏽‍♀️ All my team members are given ✨ responsibility with agency ✨ and, therefore, empowered ownership ✨ over their work. Everyone is entitled to hold forum 💬 for their ideas and a safe space 🚧 to try them out. In my downtime, I rest and recharge by spending time with my chosen family 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧, typically while eating 🥙 or playing tabletop games 🧩
Interested? Meet a team member at a time convenient to you
RedBeard Talent stands for equal access and opportunity for all people. We believe that people are more than data points on a resume and that there is more than one way to have acquired knowledge and demonstrated strong performance. Think you hit all the points above with your unique journey? We’d love to hear about it.

✨ RedBeard’s Top Highlights

🌐 International and diverse team culture

We have a drive for progressive people-centric values and ambition to change the game of recruitment.

💪 Beginners Mindset

We’re all about learning and improving on a daily basis. There is lots of room to try ideas, make mistakes and come back stronger.

✨ Well-established client base

We have established relationships with clients in APAC, EU, and the US with positive cash flow and stable run rates. We only work with clients who have People and Recruitment values that align with ours or are willing to grow and do better.

Our Company Values:

Be the OG - Being original often means doing things differently; it always means taking pride in our own evolution of doing right by our candidates, clients and colleagues.

Get To The Heart of It - We don’t scratch on the surface, we dive right in: getting to know a hiring manager or talent, we go after the key aspects of what will make them happy. As a team we do the same in how we collaborate.

Stick with It - We stick with it. We see it through. Together, we always find a way.

Give First - Whether it’s our clients, candidates or internally: we come from a place without ego and we always provide value to you first.

Always Go To School - In any interaction or situation there is always something for us to learn: we seek out the learning in anything and actively take those lessons as input to how we can be better.

Walk Towards the Fire - If we’re facing a challenge, we step up and we face it together. Our growth is rooted in a belief that opportunities appear on our path for a reason and that is to step up.

Fill The Cup - Our work fills our cups, as opposed to draining them; so we spend our time ensuring our candidates are matched with roles that fill their cup, too, and clients find the hiring process energizing.