Hotel-Tech Startup Triptease

How the tech startup saved min. 10h per week and US$20.5K in fees all while filling 5 sales roles with RedBeard Talent.

THE CHALLENGE - Triptease's VP Sales, Americas was spending a minimum of 10 hours per week sifting through CVs and coordinating interviews. He had to fill six positions in a matter of weeks.
THE OUTCOME - Five sales positions were filled with high calibre passive candidates, none of whom were actively looking at job advertisements (one role is in advanced stages). Triptease saved at least US$20.5k compared to if they had gone with a traditional recruitment agency.

Archie Winesett is the VP Sales, Americas of Triptease, a leading SaaS startup building software for the hotel industry which helps hotels increase online bookings. The company has offices in London, New York, Barcelona and Singapore. Before RedBeard Talent, Triptease used a number of traditional recruitment agencies or required the hiring manager to look after the whole process. An unprecedented period of growth prompted the company to look for a more innovative and reliable solution that could help them scale their US sales team at the pace required.

RedBeard Talent saved us at least £15,000 (USD$20.5k, AUD$28.5k) compared to traditional agencies. And that's a low estimate. - Archie Winesett

📖 Triptease's Story

Traditionally, hotels struggle to attract customers to their website; instead, losing a significant amount of money (up to 25% per booking) to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). If one would ask any hotelier around the world what their biggest priority is, the answer would most likely be to "increase the number of bookings we receive through our website to save the OTA commission and build customer loyalty."

Today, Triptease has grown to 100 employees and is rated the best direct booking software by the prestigious Hotel Tech Awards. And this startup is just getting started...

😔 Prior to RedBeard Talent

Archie's main frustration about recruitment was the time commitment required from his end.

Liaising with candidates, while driving sales and onboarding new hires, is difficult. I was losing good talent because I wasn't allocating enough time to it. It's a competitive hiring market, and every day I would not respond to an email, I knew that's a day where I could lose a candidate. I went through at least 500 CVs and, in its prime, I spent at least 10 hours a week on recruitment. - Archie Winesett

Archie acknowledged that having a hiring manager spend 25% or more of their time on recruitment costs the company more money in productivity than using an external recruitment agency. In addition to lost productivity, Archie believes that "recruiting great talent is the backbone of our business, if you don’t do this well you’re going to struggle”

🤝 Why Triptease chose RedBeard Talent

One of RedBeard Talent's clients, data analytics SaaS startup OTA Insight, recommended RedBeard Talent to Triptease.

Archie was excited about RedBeard Talent's tech-driven and content-led recruitment strategy, promising a shortlist of quality applicants within just seven business days.

Triptease decided to go ahead with six pilots: two Sales Development Representatives and four Mid-Market Account Executives.

Besides the above, what spoke to Archie was RedBeard Talent's pricing model: Instead of charging a percentage based on the candidate's salary package, RedBeard Talent agrees on a flat fee payable upon placement.

Your fee model is just better than anyone else's. Especially for a project of this size. When RedBeard would advise me that a candidate needed additional compensation to move forward, I never had to worry about if RedBeard was simply trying to increase their revenue from the placement. RedBeard’s fee model takes the ambiguity out of that discussion. - Archie Winesett

💪 The RedBeard Talent Approach

To start off, RedBeard Talent spent a significant amount of time getting to know Archie and Triptease as a business, before deep diving into each vacancy. Archie mentioned that the time RedBeard Talent took and the questions asked was much better than traditional recruitment agencies who only focus on vacancy related questions - what's the quota, how does the commission scheme work, etc.

Because RedBeard doesn’t require CVs from candidates I believe we had an easier time finding great talent. Candidates who are passively in the job market don’t have updated CVs which can often slow down or stall the recruitment conversion. - Archie Winesett

Archie said that "despite a 14 hour time difference, the communication between Triptease and RedBeard Talent was great." Both companies connected through Slack and regular video calls (Founder's note: RedBeard Talent has since opened an office in New York!).

🏆 The Results

You understood what the candidates and Triptease are looking for. The quality of your candidates was great. Win. The communication despite the time difference was seamless. Win. The fee model. Win. My time was saved. Win. As a result, I referred you to Canary Technologies* before our project was even completed. - Archie Winesett

[*Canary Technologies has since signed up for roles in the US, Europe and APAC]

RedBeard Talent completed the project and 100% of all candidates who received an offer from Triptease, accepted. Archie pointed out that the time spent with RedBeard Talent prior to the project paid off:

You took the time to get to know the business and me which then meant that the candidates had the right expectations. We didn't have to waste time reviewing the position with the candidates again. That allowed me to use my time more wisely when speaking to the candidates. - Archie Winesett

"Candidates were well prepared and appropriately sold on Triptease. You guys didn't oversell our company" says Archie, which made the entire interview and hiring experience enjoyable. Overall, the direct line on Slack guaranteed that the project moved forward quickly and no candidate was lost in the cracks. "You cared a lot for your customers' happiness. You got stuff done. We will continue to do business together."