Interview Prep

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Did you know that 82% of RedBeard Talent candidates who complete the below video modules (ca. 1 hour) make it to the final interview round?

The below will not only help you with RedBeard Talent interviews but any interview you will attend in the future. We won’t teach you to “be on time and dress for success” but deep dive into how you can use sales methodologies like storytelling, the Sarick Effect and Asking Questions in your advantage to position yourself effectively. Let’s get started

Why it’s important to prepare?

Learn more about why you need to prepare and how RedBeard’s content will help you.

General Housekeeping

Learn more about some obvious but easy to forget pre-interview preparations and the psychological importance of taking notes.

What should I prepare?

Learn more about what you need to know about the company, hiring manager, the role you’re applying for and how to present yourself.

What mindset does an employer want to see from me?

Learn more about the art of positioning yourself as proactive, collaborative and overall caring, persistent and objective.

How shall I answer all these questions?

Learn more about the art of storytelling and what questions to prepare for and why.

What questions do I have to be prepared for and how shall I answer them?

What can I do to make the interview enjoyable for everyone: myself and the hiring manager?

Learn more about the art of asking questions and how to move an interview [interrogation] to a conversation.

What questions to ask and an absolute must ask at the end of each interview.

How shall I approach the salary negotiation? (2 videos)

Learn more about how to research your market value and negotiation techniques.

More on salary

How shall I follow up after an interview?

Learn more about email, phone or even SMS follow-ups and when to use them.

Summary of all the Modules