Talent Advisor (roles in Australia, US and Europe)
Talent Advisor (roles in Australia, US and Europe)

Talent Advisor (roles in Australia, US and Europe)

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🚀 How We Started

We were frustrated by recruitment agencies' inconsistent, slow, and - way too often - dishonest, overly expensive approach. Sending irrelevant profiles and hoping for the best. To all agencies out there: “Network” isn't a differentiating factor anymore - start to innovate!!

Three years later, what sets us apart is:

  • Speed through automation (shortlist of three within 7 days, end-to-end of 15 days)
  • Recruiting through storytelling (our secret sauce)
  • Delivering valuable CX and data-driven experiences (it’s about people and relationships)

Our teams in Australia, the US, the UK, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Thailand focus on startup recruitment, with our clients being market leaders in their area.


Head Office: Sydney

With people in: Sydney, Colombo, Bangkok, Johannesburg, New York, Phoenix, Dallas, London and Austin

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🧐 An Insight On Our Take on Recruitment

🍮 The Proof is in the Pudding

Check out our glowing reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Incredibly dedicated team willing to advocate for you!"


"Beware: Redbeard will get other traditional recruiters [to] run out of candidates"

"[To companies] You owe it to yourself to talk to RedBeard because you don't realise there's an entirely different approach out there" - Jane Oxley, CMO, Smokeball [Read more]

"RedBeard Talent saved us at least £15,000 (USD$20.5k, AUD$28.5k) compared to traditional agencies. And that's a low estimate" - Archie Winesett, SVP Sales, Triptease [Read more]
Interested? Meet with our team at a time convenient to you

Why this role? Why now?

We attract higher quality talent, 50% faster through automation and storytelling vs traditional recruitment agencies and we need more hands-on deck.

Did you know:

  • Robert Half's research has found that a whopping 62% of job seekers lose interest in a job if the hiring process is lengthy. That number rises to 77% if there is no status update within three weeks.
  • 69% of the Employers report having difficulty in filling a role and put it down to Talent shortage (Source: TalentLyft).
  • According to LinkedIn, only 30% of companies are able to fill a vacant role within 30 days. The other 70% of companies take anywhere between 1 - 4 months to process a new hire.

Read more about our recruitment process and how (and why) we establish a Recruitment SLA

Who You Are

  • No recruitment experience is needed as long as you have the people skills required and are a master in outreach and follow-ups (never take ‘no’ for an answer)
  • Talking to people and getting to know each person’s unique story is something you enjoy
  • Keen to challenge yourself in an unstructured environment, constantly changing the status quo for the better
  • You have a knack to build a rapport in a short span of time
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You are emphatic and non-judgemental
  • You are passionate about impacting lives positively
  • You want to join us on a mission to disrupt an industry ‘ripe’ for change!
  • Experience talking and dealing with a lot of people every day in your current or previous jobs
  • Start-up experience/mindset (either/or)

What You'll Do

  • Ownership of Talent/Candidate interview experience space
  • 75% interviewing and candidate management, 25% candidate sourcing, 0% new business acquisition as that’s done by our sales team
  • Strategy and Innovation Projects - How can we build out this function suitable to the market? Grow a Talent Advisor team?

What's In It For You

  • Flexible working from home (fully remote in the US and Europe. Hybrid in Sydney, we just signed the lease for a cool Warehouse Style office in Surry Hills)
  • Opportunity to work with inspiring start-ups, interact with key stakeholders and chat with Talent from various walks of life, everywhere around the world
  • Learn more about innovative uses of disruptive technologies and automation
  • An amount of responsibility and ownership that you won’t get anywhere else in the corporate world - if you ever feel “comfortable”, you’re in the wrong place
  • Flexible incentive structure which will be discussed with you on a quarterly basis.
  • Be part of RedBeard’s Wellness program (more initiatives to come):
    • Free access to the best mediation app there is: Headspace
    • Free sessions with counsellors/psychologists too look after your mental wellbeing
    • Free Classpass membership for physical activity
    • You will never have to work on your birthday :) (if it falls onto a weekend, no worries, you will get a day of during the week)
    • Regular virtual and on side team socials - with a big ass company trip planned to Sri Lanka

About Your Manager: Shweta Krishnan (Co-Founder)

Hi! I am Shweta. Outside of work, my 6-month-old pup keeps me busy. I enjoy meeting and talking to people from different walks of life (probably why I enjoy my job as a Recruiter), working upon my self-growth with purpose, and invest in hobbies such as vocal training in music, cooking different cuisines, and mindfulness practices. I have recently moved close to the beaches and mountains, which has been a BIG change given I have always been a city girl! Giving back to the community and society at large is a HUGE driver. I am also inspired to be the change I want to see. Professionally, I have worked across industries such as Media, Retail, Travel, and Recruitment (entrepreneurship) and geographies including India and Australia. Disrupting the world of recruitment and helping candidates find their dream job makes me jump out of bed every day!

Meet Nick, Talent Advisor

Having attended 13 schools across 3 continents before University; interpersonal skills and relationship building have become second nature to me as a person. Probably why I enjoy talking so much, I just can’t help it! Of course, this was adapted during my time at Walt Disney World where I recognised my passion for high-end service with a smile and knowing that anything is possible. RedBeard has been a great place to spread my wings and explore my interests. Never before have I been able to use all of my professional experience in one place, which probably speaks to no day being the same 😉 My ideas are encouraged and the team has my back! RedBeard is more than recruitment, it is a real opportunity to have a hand in developing a business from the ground up and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Meet Kaumini, Talent Scout

My journey at RedBeard Talent started as a talent scout with the team and I’ve been able to grow as a Team Lead just after 9 months. This is the type of growth opportunity you will be presented with when you show hard work, dedication and resilience RBT. My favourite thing about working here other than the amazing team is that I resonate well with one of our core values, which is - “Always go to school” - we’re constantly learning and growing and you’re never not stuck doing the same thing. Outside of work: I am obsessed with my new puppy Ash, a massive fan of The Office (US) and Formula 1. Oh - and I get along with anyone that is into Hip Hop/RnB and occasionally Taylor Swift 😂 Why You Should Consider Working For RBT: The people. The approach (not your old-school recruitment agency). Some awesome startups are our clients 🤩

Interested? Email your LinkedIn and resume to denis@redbeardtalent.com and we’ll get back to you soon!